The Permanent Mark: Understanding Branding and Its Healing Process

Branding is a type of body marking that uses heat to leave permanent scars on the skin with a pattern. It is not a do-it-yourself activity and should only be performed by professionals in a healthcare environment who are trained in handling sterilized equipment. The healing process for brands usually lasts at least a year and can be painful and sensitive during this time. The mark first forms a scab, which can last anywhere from a few weeks to just over a month.

After this, the appearance of the mark is a bright red raised scar, which slowly becomes lighter than normal skin tone. This phase lasts about twelve months and scar tissue may rise a little higher during this time. Cautery brand uses modern tools and technology, such as welders and lasers, to apply the mark. The brand should be washed with antibacterial soap twice a day and rubbed with a toothbrush in the direction of the mark.

Marking dates back to the eras of the Greeks and Romans, when they marked their slaves to show a form of ownership. In the 18th century, cold marking or marking with cold irons became the mode of nominally inflicting punishment on higher-ranking prisoners. The multi-punch mark divides the design into many smaller sections about an inch long, shorter if the mark has smaller details. Branding is not something that can be removed easily like tattoos or piercings. It is a permanent mark that requires professional care and attention during the healing process.

With proper care, the mark will eventually become lighter than normal skin tone and will remain for life.

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